Move to new home and new family!

Usually our puppies are 8 weeks old when they move to their new families. They are verified by the breeding warden of our kennel club. All puppies are de-wormed several times, vaccinated, BEAR tested by an authorized veterinarian/animal hospital on their hearing (AEP), chipped and largely housetrained. Of course, all the puppies have FCI/VDH-papers (pedigree), the EU Pet Passport (vaccination) and the forms for registration by TASSO.

All our babies have a little „suitcase“ – with

  • feeding plan, food and treats for the first days in new home
  • on request a bocklet about BARF diet for puppies
  • a dog blanket and a toy with the familiar smell of mom and siblings
  • the Puppy harness with leash
  • a guide for new puppies´ parents

All puppies’ parents will get a CD with images of the first weeks and the puppy diary for their new pet, where the important dates and events are documented. However, this CD will probably not be completed until several days after the re-homing of the puppies.

Our responsibility as a breeder does not end with the delivery of the puppies. We are available for the families of our Muta Macchiata´s puppies, a dog´s life long!