Muta Macchiata´s C-litter

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Multi Champion
Aziza Bahati von der Ibergquelle
* 09.04.2007/white-liver/HD-A
bilateral hearing/full dentition/lemon free


Multi Champion
Closest Fantasy Sunset Dalmatian
* 01.07.2008/white-liver/HD-A

bilateral hearing/full dentition/lemon free

cover: 26.08.2014
date of birth: 28.10.2014

puppies: 4 males, 3 females


Notion of the parents

Mother of Muta Macchiata´s C-litter
is our lovely Aziza-Bahati von der Ibergquelle

International Beauty-Champion FCI
Swiss Beauty-Champion
German Champion VDH
German Champion DDC
Austrian Champion
French Champion Conformité au Standard
Champion de France 2013
German Youth-Champion DDC

It showed early that our Aziza is a very typical and expressive Dalmatian lady. In resent years many of the experienced breeders and breed experts we have got to know confirmed this again and again.

Also Aziza’s achievements on national and international dog shows speak for themselves. Under many judges Aziza has reached very high rankings, often winning her age group and the overall competition of the bitches. She was „Best of Breed“ several times and was once placed in the “BIS 3” at the final of all breed winners.

Younger than three years old our Aziza already carried the honourable title of „International Beauty Champion“. In addition, she has won five National Championships in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France.

In spring 2009, Aziza has passed the breeding-test at DDC – Deutscher Dalmatiner Club from 1920 e.V. with great success. What we appreciated even more than the excellent review of her appearance was her character assessment; all 8 test areas where passed with the highest grade „excellent“.

Aziza shows her great personality every day. She is completely safe, confident, free from fear and always open and friendly to everybody. And what we particularly love in her, she is so cuddly.

In addition, our little princess is bursting with health. She is free of allergies, skin diseases and other health problems. Aziza fulfils the breed standard in beauty, health and safety being in highest degree.

In October 2010, Aziza gave birth to seven puppies with great instinct, sovereignty and calmness to life and cared for her litter exemplary. All the puppies from our A-litter had bilateral hearing and were faultless. B-Litter with five puppies was born in November 2012, Aziza did also perfectly.

For more information, pictures and show results of Aziza take a look to our family website . To see how our last litters are developing and also news on our upcoming C-litter see the websites puppy-news section (Sorry, at the moment only in German).


Father of Muta Macchiata´s C-litter is charming
Closest Fantasy Sunset Dalmatian *Spookie*

International Beauty-Champion FCI
Czech Champion + Grand Champion
Slowak Champion + Grand Champion
Bulgarian Champion + Grand Champion
Macedonia Champion, Moldavischer Champion,
Cyprus Champion, Montenegro Champion,
San Marino Champion,Champion Balkan Countries u.a.

Again, we have invested a lot of time and great care in finding the perfect groom for our sweet Aziza. It was important for us to find a partner for Aziza that fits in type and in pedigree unto her. It should be a male, whose ancestors have high quality HD values​​, bring no significant tooth loss and no known health risks.

We also wanted a dog that is not too often represented in the pedigrees. We´ve found ourMr. Right“ in the Czech Republic: the charismatic white-liver stud dog „Closest Fantasy Sunset Dalmatian“ (nickname Spookie) is born in the prestigious kennel „Sunset Dalmatiansand lives near Prague.

Spookie is a very successful and highly decorated champion out of Scandinavian blood lines paternal side and Croatian-Italian maternal bloodlines. Spookie is father of five litters with a total of 43 offspring and a great breeding statistic.

In appearance Spookie has everything to offer what we desire of a typical and expressive Dalmatian dog: charisma, a noble head model, a powerful pigment, dark amber eyes, substance and strong bones, excellent angulations and a spirited, ground covering gait.

Spookie has a fine, uncomplicated being. Compared with other dogs of both sexes, he behaves confidently and exemplary social behavior. Towards people he is friendly and outgoing. In addition to his big show successes, Spookie has a history remarkable sporting achievements. With a lot of willingness to learn and to work he is active in Obedience and Rescue-Dog-Team and he has mastered in these areas numerous tests with great success.

DSC_0106      Spookie05

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