Muta Macchiata´s B-litter

zucht003003 hochzeit-0003 zucht003006
Multi Champion
Aziza Bahati von der Ibergquelle
* 09.04.2007/white-liver/HD-A
bileteral hearing/full dentition/lemon free
Multi Champion
Bell-A-Mir´s Elegant Envoy
* 24.07.2004/white-black/HD-A
bilateral heraring/full dentition/carrier lemon

cover:  23.08.2012
date of birth:
puppies: 3 males w-b, 1 female w-b, 1 female w-l


We´re very happy about 3 male and 2 female puppies from this promising mating!



Notion of the parents

Mother of Muta Macchiata´s B-litter
is our lovely Aziza-Bahati von der IbergquelleAziza Kopf-3

International Beauty-Champion FCI
Swiss Beauty-Champion
German Champion VDH
German Champion DDC
Austrian Champion
German Youth-Champion DDC

 It showed early that our Aziza is a very typical and expressive Dalmatian lady. In resent years many of the experienced breeders and breed experts we have got to know confirmed this again and again.

Also Aziza’s achievements on national and international dog shows speak for themselves. Under many judges Aziza has reached very high rankings, often winning her age group and the overall competition of the bitches. She was „Best of Breed“ several times and was once placed in the “BIS 3” at the final of all breed winners.

Younger than three years old our Aziza already carried the honourable title of „International Beauty Champion“. In addition, she has won four National Championships in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

In spring 2009, Aziza has passed the breeding-test at DDC – Deutscher Dalmatiner Club from 1920 e.V. with great success. What we appreciated even more than the excellent review of her appearance was her character assessment; all 8 test areas where passed with the highest grade „excellent“.

Aziza shows her great personality every day. She is completely safe, confident, free from fear and always open and friendly to everybody. And what we particularly love in her, she is so cuddly ?.

In addition, our little princess is bursting with health. She is free of allergies, skin diseases and other health problems. Aziza fulfils the breed standard in beauty, health and safety being in highest degree.

In October 2010, Aziza gave birth to seven puppies with great instinct, sovereignty and calmness to life and cared for her litter exemplary. All the puppies from our A-litter had bilateral hearing and were faultless.

For more information, pictures and show results of Aziza look to our family website . To see how our A-litter are developing and also news on our upcoming B-litter see the websites puppy-news section (Sorry, at the moment only in German).


Father of Muta Macchiata´s B-litter is the great
Skandinavian Bell-A-Mir´s Elegant Envoy *Zacco*

International Beauty-Champion FCI
Danish Champion

Swedish Champion
Norwegian Champion
British Champion
Croatian Champion
German Champion
CRUFTS-Winner 2007
European-Winner 2007 und 2009
Worldwinner 2006, 2008 und 2009

Again we took a lot of time and care in searching “Mr. Right” for our sweet Aziza. Our underlying principle was once more: Only the best is good enough for our princess!

For a long time we have had an eye on this wonderful stud-dog Zacco who is living in Sweden. He is not only an incredibly successful champion but he is also an outstanding sire. Zacco is from best Scandinavian and English bloodlines. He has an excellent progeny statistics and has bred great offspring in renowned European kennels. Many of his descendants are even successful champions and breeding dogs.

Even in appearance Zacco has to offer everything you could want; a noble head model, substance, strong bones, excellent angulations, good spirited, room-filling gait and a stunning appearance. Now that we have spent some time with Zacco, we can say, he is absolutely adorable. A dream of a man!

Zaccofjellet            Zacco_turn_jpeg

In the last few years we were also able to see numerous sons and daughters of „Zacco“ live. They not only impress with a great posture and a wonderful movement they also have a serene behaviour.

For more information and pictures about Zacco look at the homepages of the famous Norwegian Kennel Spotnik and the Swedish Kennel Solbo , where Zacco lives.