Muta Macchiata´s A-litter

zucht003003 hochzeit-0003

Aziza Bahati von der Ibergquelle

International Beauty-Champion FCI
German Champion VDH+DDC
Swiss Beauty-Champion
German Youth Champion

bileteral hearing/full dentition/lemon free

Leander v. Gramzower Kloster

International Beauty-Champion FCI
German Champion VDH+Club
Polish Champion
German Youth Champion

bilateral hearing/full dentition/lemon free

Cover: 16.08.2010
date of birth:
puppies: 2 male w/b, 1 male w/l, 4 females w/l


All puppies from this promising mating are bilateral hearing and without faults!

zucht009007                   zucht009006                  zucht009003
        MM´s Aurelius Maximus                                              MM´s Adeodatus                                        MM´s Antoninus Pius

zucht009005                 zucht009001zucht009004        zucht009002
   MM´s Alice Donna Nobile                             MM´s Anima Mia                          MM´s Alea Choccolata                    MM´s Aisha Gitana

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