Long before the puppies are born, we look intensively and at every critical detail of our breeding selection. We don´t want to list how much time and money we invest, but we want to give you a little look at the passion behind our work.

It begins with searching a suitable partner for our breeding bitch. This means: studying genetics books, attending seminars, digesting studbooks and statistics, collecting dates from possible stud-dogs, visiting dog shows to see the „boys“ and possibly some of their descendants too. It takes months, until we are sure, to have found Mr. Right!

It follows the planning and establishment of the kennel, building up the litter box, preparing the puppy room and the garden, the removal of potential hazards, procurement and supply of all essential utensils for birth and rearing. Then before the first litter also there is a review of the kennel by the breed warden.

When the time comes and our lady gets in season, the anxiety begins. It is important not to miss the right moment for mating, the trip to the stud-dog and again in four weeks, hoping and praying, until the vet can detect a pregnancy.

The hoping, praying and fear will go on. Is everything ok during the birth? Are the puppies healthy and well? Will the puppies develop as expected?

In the period after birth we spend most of the time with the mother and the puppies. We take part in their development every day and we study every little step. We can see their personality, their little quirks. We hold every puppy deep in our hearts, because every puppy is unique and loveable.

Hoping and praying will go on. Will we find responsible families, who give these little creatures a good home and be a good friend and partner for a lifetime – in good times and bad times?

We give our puppies only to people, who have considered their decision to own a Dalmatian very carefully. Please ask yourself the following questions.

  • Do you know the needs of a dog and are you ready to fulfil these for the next 10-15 years?
  • Is there enough time for a dog between your job and hobbies?
  • Do all members of your family want to have a dog?
  • Is the housing situation suitable for keeping such a large dog? It´s not possible to keep a Dalmatian in a dog kennel or in another room away from the family!
    A Dalmatian needs to be close and in touch with his masters.
  • Are you ready to spend your holidays with your dog or do you have someone reliable for dog sitting during your time away from home?
  • Do you have the financial resources for a dog? Food, tax, insurance and veterinarian bills (vaccination/deworming), this takes about 1200 and 1500 Euros per year.

Purchasing a puppy means besides all joy, an obligation for many years.