Muta Macchiata´s D-litter


Muta Macchiata´s Chili Ciocciolina
* 28.10.2014/white-liver
HD-B/PennHIP DI 0.25, 0.28/ED-0/OA-0
bilateral hearing/full dentition/lemon-free


True Soul Besame Mucho
* 21.03.2012/white-liver/HD-A

bilateral hearing/full dentition/lemon-free

Mating: 01.10.2020
date of birth: ca. 03.12.2020

puppies: ??


The parents

Mother of Muta Macchiata D-litter
is our lovely „Muta Macchiata´s Chili Ciocciolina“

Chili is a bitch from our C-litter, who emigrated to Sweden at the age of 10 weeks. Since May 2019 Chili belongs to our family again, so we are all very happy.

Chili is a very balanced, easy to handle and cuddly girl. She has settled into our family without any problems and lives in perfect harmony with her mother Aziza and her litter brother Césare. Already in puppy age Chili showed that she is interested in new situations and approaches them unexcitedly and learns quickly. This characteristic has certainly made it easy for her to settled into her new life with us.

In her home in Sweden Chili was unfortunately rarely shown at shows. Since Chili has been with us, she has had great success at national and international shows in Germany and other countries. All judges gave her the best note „Excellent“, she nearly almost achieved great placements and some times she won her age class. In the competition of the bitches she was awarded several times as „Best Bitch of Breed“. Especially Chili’s excellent movement was emphasized by all judges.

After her return to Germany, Chili had to pass breeding approval test again. In autumn 2019 she passed this exam with great success at the DZGD – the VDH affiliated breed association „Dalmatiner Zucht Gemeinschaft Deutschland e.V.“ – and was admitted for breeding without any conditions. 

Chili is free of allergies, skin diseases and other health problems and fulfills the breed standard exterior, health and behaviour to the highest degree.

In March 2018 and January 2019 Chili has already given birth to two litters of three and eight puppies in Sweden without any problems and raised her „little children“ in the following weeks with love and care. In August 2020 Chili’s offspring in Sweden took part in the „BPH test“, a test for behavioral and personality assessment, and scored above average.   




Father of Muta Macchiata D-Wurfs
is the charming „True Soul Besame Mucho“

Internationaler Schönheits-Champion FCI
Schweizer Schönheits-Jugendchampion
Schweizer Schönheits-Champion

Once again we have invested a lot of time and great care in finding „Mr. Right“ for Chili. It was important for us to find a partner for her who fits to her in type and pedigree. It should be a male dog whose ancestors have first-class HD values, no significant tooth loss and who does not bring along any known health risks.

We also wanted a male dog that is not yet too often represented in the pedigrees. We found „HIM“ in Switzerland: the handsome white-liver male „True Soul Besame Mucho“. We had the pleasure to see this great male already in his young years and to meet him again on shows …. he left a lasting impression on us. 

Mucho is father of 6 litters with a total of 45 offspring and a great offspring statistic.

In phenotype, Mucho has everything to offer what we imagine from a typical and expressive Dalmatian male: charisma, a noble head, a strong pigment, substance and bone strength, a deep forechest, excellent muscling, very good angulations and a space-filling movement.

Mucho has a calm, gentle nature. With much joy of learning and working he is especially active in „trailing“.


For more informations about Mucho please visit his homepage